Bullying Academy

What are bullies thinking when they pick targets?

Bullies come in all different shapes and sizes. Just think of all the bullies you have ever dealt with or have seen bothering others. Chances are they were big, small, girls, boys, rich, poor, popular, or unpopular. Someone's age doesn't mean they have outgrown bullying either, since adults are just as capable of tormenting others.

What do bullies have in common?

Bullies want you to believe they have power and control over other kids, even though they really don't. Bullies generally choose to bully others for one of two reasons: they feel bad about themselves and they think they'll feel better if they make someone else feel worse OR they think they're better than other people and have the right to treat people poorly.

Whatever the reason, bullying is not okay. Whether we've done it ourselves or we know others who are doing it, it is important for us to understand that bullying is serious and has harmful effects.

Here are some things that Bullies look for in a target:

  • Being different: Bullies often start by looking for someone who is different from them in some way. It may be a hair style, a disability, an accent, a person's clothes or anything else that makes the target stand out from the crowd.
  • Helplessness: Bullies look for people who can be made to feel scared or upset, maybe even causing them to cry. Making targets feel helpless is what makes bullies feel powerful.
  • Isolation: It is much easier to attack someone who is alone because it is more likely that the bully will get away with it. If someone is alone, there is no one there to help stop the bullying.

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